Scholarship Application


A scholarship is a form of “gift” assistance you can apply for that does not have to be repaid.    Scholarships may be counted toward your total financial aid award package and used to meet your financial need.

Scholarships are available in just about every category.  You may apply for scholarships based on your academics, major, interest, hobbies, religion and many other criteria.  There are literally thousands of scholarship opportunities available.

Most all scholarships require you complete their application, write an essay, have references or have a certain GPA.  Check with each donor for their specific criteria.

SUM has provided the below links that will provide you with the many scholarship opportunities available.  In addition, please check with your high school and congregation on what scholarship opportunities they may offer:

Christian Scholarships

General Scholarships

These scholarships are based on major or other criteria.

Veterans/Military Scholarships

These scholarships are for students affiliated with the military community in some way.

Institutional Scholarships